Hi, call me

I am a creative UX Engineer with a focus on Design Systems.

Projects I am proud of!

The snippetto website


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I'm proud of the whole project, it's my baby!

Tech Stack: React (GatsbyJS), Contentful, Emotion (CSS-in-JS), Netlify

The bmw.com website


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I'm proud of the speed!

Tech Stack: AMP and PWA

The amp.dev website


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I'm proud of the design and speed.

Tech Stack: AMP, Grow and Gulp

The activeO2 website


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I'm proud of the design and game.

Tech Stack: React (GatsbyJS)

The bilder.de website


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I'm proud of the design.

Tech Stack: React

The jvm-academy website


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I'm proud of the random pattern generator. Refresh the page!

Tech Stack: React (GatsbyJS), Redux, Contentful

The timeline of my life!

  • The snippetto logo
    Since 2022


    As a Software Engineer, I am responsible for the Design System Team at DeepL. We try to achieve the best experience not only for teams but also for our users.

  • The snippetto logo
    2020 - 2022


    As a UX Engineer at Demv-Systems , I'm developing new features, creating wireframes and enhancing the UX of SaaS products; Currently the lead of the Design System team.

  • The snippetto logo
    since 2019


    Wouldn't it be nice to have all your favorite snippets in one collection? That's what I thought and created snippetto. Find, bookmark and share some snippets!

  • The Jung von Matt logo
    2018 - 2020

    Jung von Matt

    I am working as developer for Jung von Matt, the most successful advertising agency in Germany with clients like BMW, Vodafone and Saturn. One of my milestones!

  • The upljft logo
    2017 - 2018


    Upljft is a digital agency and beside developing websites, I worked with chatbots and improved my knowledge about UX.

  • The Pixelheimat logo
    2016 - 2017


    My next step, after studying at the HAW Hamburg: Pixelheimat - a design agency, based in Hamburg, Germany. I worked there as a web developer.

  • A photo of the Hamburg port
    2013 - 2016

    First oversea experience

    My second job is the remote administration and support of the singaporean company Asia-Research.

  • A building of the HAW Hamburg
    2012 - 2016

    Studying Media IT

    I decided to study computer science in media at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. We've to work on a lot of projects (I focus on web projects), to get to know about networks, JAVA and other stuff. After graduation I'll be B. Sc. in Media Systems.

  • A photo of another desk
    2011 - 2016

    Web Developer

    After civilian service I started to work at Albrecht IT Systems, a small IT company in Hamburg. I established webdesign- and development there.

  • A photo of a building
    2010 - 2011

    Civilian service

    I worked as a system administrator for one year at the childrens hospital in Hamburg. My daily business was 1st and 2nd level support and on-site maintenance.

  • A specia light photo
    2008 - 2010

    Art school

    The art school taught me about software like Photoshop and Illustrator. Layout and design was part of the curriculum as well. Those experiences were precious for me as a web developer.

  • A photo of the inside of a computer
    2006 - 2008

    IT traineeship

    When I was a teenager, I started learning HTML, PHP and so on. I was very interested in browser games. That's why I wanted to do an internship in the IT industry. I learned a lot about networks, digital technology and other things. But in the end I decided to develop websites.

  • A photo of Michael Siregar

    Early days

    I was born on a sunny day in Hamburg, Germany. My mother is German and my father is from Indonesia.

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